Brightwell’s Mill is a landmark in Amherst County, VA that brings back memories of many childhoods. It is a place that has been painted and photographed during all seasons of the year. Newspapers, books, magazine articles, You-Tube postings, internet pictures and even a Virginia state map have pictures of the mill.

To preserve these wonderful memories and photo opportunities, your help is needed.

Almost seventy years ago, H.L. Brightwell & Sons began the planning and design of the new Brightwell’s Mill. On August 12, 1942, during a flash flood, the mill that had stood since the early 1800’s washed down Beck’s Creek.

Today, almost 70 years later, the mill is in need of some urgent repair. The foundation is still strong. However, structural support beams along-side the waterwheel and nearest the dam have deteriorated. One main beam under the floor also needs replacement. This deteriorating beam has allowed the floor to sink with the weight of a millstone that weighs about 2,500 pounds.

As we address these issues, our choices are simple: do nothing and the mill will fall-in, or take the necessary steps to restore it. The Brightwell’s family and friends’ goal is to restore it and get that ole waterwheel turning again.

Much support is needed – both financially and with physical labor. We intend to do as much as we can, but we can’t do it alone. So, we are making an appeal for community help. If you can volunteer time, just call Ricky or John. Any amount of money that can be donated, $25, $50, $100, $500, (or more or less), will be appreciated. Our promise is that every dollar given will be used strictly to restore the mill.

If you have an interest, questions, or want to see the project in person, we would be glad to show you what progress is being made.
Call Ricky Brightwell @ 434.610.6135 or John Brightwell @ 434.660.3629.

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